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About us

Total-Pack is one of the pioneers of the Polish packaging market.
Since 1989 the company has been supplying its customers with a wealth of packaging materials, including stretch films, adhesive tapes, as well as packaging appliances.
Total-Pack’s experience is its biggest capital asset, while the high quality of its products and services is its most important business objective. A combination of these two factors enables Total-Pack to offer a range of over 500 different products which satisfy the needs of even the most discerning customers.
We are constantly working on enrichment of our range of goods and having a new, innovative products. Due to that our customers have access to the most modern European solutions in the field of packaging.
We work with carefully selected factories of recognized international standing.
We have excellent insights on the market of packaging in Europe and Asia. This way, we can always offer our customers products with the best price/quality ratio.
We have widely expanded distribution network and modern facilities, logistics and office supplies.
Our technical-trade advisors are available to serve the expertise.

We offer only  goods of proven quality. Our products have all the necessary approvals and certificates. We implemented quality control system in order to increase the satisfaction of our customers.

We make constant efforts to offer the best price/quality ratio of our products.  We offer discounts depending on the size of the contract and the payment terms. We have special bonuses for the loyal customers and for permanent clients.

We save our customers time by providing the just-in-time delivery. In most of the cases we are able to grant 24h delivery time.

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Total-Pack Sp z o.o.
10-450 Olsztyn
ul. Piłsudskiego 72c

tel: +48 89 534 36 00
fax: +48 89 533 67 78
35-206 Rzeszów
ul. Okulickiego 18

tel./fax +48 17 864 25 55
tel. +48 17 861 14 73
Platan Park 02-822 Warszawa
ul. Poleczki 21

tel. +48 22 894 70 78
fax +48 22 855 78 26