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Automatic LLDPE stretch films for pallets

Transport is inevitably connected with the risk of damaging the load. One of the ways to minimize it is to use high quality stretch film for pallets.
When selecting stretch film it is important to take into consideration its function and not only its price per kg.
High quality film is considerably cheaper in the final clearing, as well as more flexible and durable. Moreover, with high quality  film, its thickness can be reduced along with its consumption.
 In the production of our films only selected new generation granulates are used. Thanks to this, the film has stable technical parameters (quality) as well as high efficiency and stretch up to 300%. Perfecta Stretch film is suitable for all types of wrappers. It is perfect for high performance automated wrappers (see pallet wrappers).
Film type is selected in accordance with the device and load type. Our films are highly transparent and as a rule, their inner surface is covered with adhesive.
Upon customers’ request we can offer films with one-sided slip and films with UV filters for loads exposed to sunrays.
We offer coloured stretch films (white, black, blue, green, and red), masking the contents of the wrapped pallet or helping to identify merchandise in a warehouse.
They may also serve as protection against unauthorized access to the load on the pallet.
Product Prestretch Thickness Width Roll weight Core weight Rolls on pallet
Standard 160% 12÷30 my 50 cm ~16 kg ~1,6 kg 56
Medium 180% 12÷30 my 50 cm ~16 kg ~1,6 kg 56
Power 220% 12÷30 my 50 cm ~16 kg ~1,6 kg 56
Super power 270% 12÷30 my 50 cm ~16 kg ~1,6 kg 56
Super power extra 300% 12÷30 my 50 cm ~16 kg ~1,6 kg 56
black, white, blue, green, red 150% 12÷30 my 50 cm ~16 kg ~1,6 kg 56

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