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Printed packaging tapes

Why printed tape made by Total-Pack?
The quality of our tape is a priority.  This is why in the manufacturing process  we use  technology of varnishing the outside layer of the tape.
Due to that the overprint on our tape lasts longer than the one normally used by other manufacturers.
Strict quality control guarantees repeatable, high quality of the carrier and the overprint.
The professional norms of making our tapes were honoured with the European Medal.
We  make tapes of non standard dimensions (e.g. 75 or 150 mm) adapted to the customer’s requirement.

How to make sure that you are not one of many?
Printed packaging tape emphasizes the image of your company as a professional contractor.
It increases the recognition of your logo, brand or product.
Besides marketing values printed  tapes have other benefits.
These days, when more shipments are delivered directly to customers, the problem of their safety becomes increasingly important. Their proper protection is an assurance to you and your customer that product is delivered in one piece and undamaged. The tapes protect the load from an unauthorized opening.
Product Width x Length Colours Rolls per box Boxes on pallet Rolls on pallet
Printed packaging tape 48 mm x 60 m from 1 to 3 colours 36 96 3456
Printed packaging tape 48 mm x 66 m from 1 to 3 colours 36 96 3456
Printed packaging tape 48 mm x 900 m from 1 to 3 colours 6 60 360
Printed packaging tape 48 mm x 990 m from 1 to 3 colours 6 60 360

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